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Some Women Just Keep Creating New Businesses | Renee Claire Bertrand


Do you ever wonder what it takes to build a successful business not just once but several times?

It takes not only a vision and determination but finding and partnering with people who can help execute the vision. That’s what Renee Claire Bertrand says was one of the keys to her success as the founder of Bedhead Pajamas, a company that for 20 years created, manufactured and sold high end pajamas. Renee had a vision to retire at 60 and sold the company. She also sold the building she bought to house the company, and buying that building she says is the smartest thing she ever did…it has allowed her to ride off into the sunset, so to speak…

But instead of retirement, Renee bought an art deco building near USC and is renovating it into an art gallery and a rental fashion studio space. She also bought 100 acre’s in Mendocino where she’s creating an organic farm.

Renee Fraser will explore how her experience of 20 years as head of Bedhead Pajamas led to new business ventures, this week on The Deciders.


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Some People Just Have To Change The World | Gloria Allred


It’s not everyone who has the power and the skills to actually change the world but this week on The Deciders Renee Fraser talks to a woman who will soon be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame…an honor that recognizes American Women whose leadership and achievements have changed the course of American history…that woman is Gloria Allred. Famed civil rights lawyer, feminist advocate and activist.

Over the course of her career her law firm has handled more women’s rights cases than any other private firm in the country and she’s won hundreds of millions of dollars for victims.

This week on The Deciders, Renee explores what Gloria Allred calls ‘The age of empowerment for women seeking justice’.


Request a free and confidential consultation at www.amglaw.com

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Why Women Keep Getting Discriminated Against And How To Stop It | Kathy Spillar


What stands in the way of equity in pay for women and fair rates for insurance? Learn about this on The Deciders.

Did you know that women do not have constitutional equality in the U.S.?

That’s because the Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution guaranteeing women equality has still not passed. That allows employers consistently to underpay women. This week on The Deciders, Renee Fraser talks to Kathy Spillar, Executive Director of the Feminist Majority Foundation and of Ms. Magazine.

One more state is needed to ratify the amendment but, there is a time limit standing in the way. And there are powerful lobbying forces fighting the equal rights amendment. Renee Fraser will explore why this amendment has had such a tough time getting passed on The Deciders.

Get involved:

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How To Capture The World’s Largest Consumer Market | Bridget Brennan


A leading authority on the world’s most powerful consumers provides strategic advice about how to gain new customers by recognizing the world’s largest consumer market – Women. The secret to tapping into this market and how to win women’s business isn’t about excluding men it’s about excluding stereotypes and elevating the customer experience.

Author of Winning Her Business, Bridget Brennan discusses how women provide 80% of the buying power and influence that drive the consumer economy and provides suggestions about how businesses can tap into this enormous market.

For businesses to attract this enormous market, they need to upgrade the customer experience for women with a motivators’ framework. This includes connecting to female customers, inspiring them to buy from you, helping them feel confident in their decision, and making them feel appreciated and engaged.

Tune in to hear Renee Fraser explore how to upgrade the customer experience and tap into this growing international market on The Deciders with Bridget Brennan.

Connect with Bridget:

Website: www.bridgetbrennan.com

Forbes blog: www.forbes.com/sites/bridgetbrennan/
Twitter: @bridgetbrennan

Instagram: @bridgetbrennaninsights

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How To Access Free Legal Help At #TIMESUP: Sharyn Tejani


If you’ve been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace you know how tough it is to report that experience or to fight it legally. But #TIMESUP is the initiative that connects people who have experienced workplace sexual harassment with legal and media assistance.

The Time’s Up Legal Defense fund has $24 million dollars for legal defense, especially for low wage workers who face many obstacles including retaliation for fighting sexual harassment.

On this episode of The Deciders with Renee Fraser, Ph.D., Renee finds out how the fund works and how you can access legal help as she speaks with the Director of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, Sharyn Tejani. Sharyn is an expert on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Website for the National Women’s Law Center:


To initiate contact with a funded lawyer: www.nwlc.org/legalhelp

If you have questions email legalnetwork@nwlc.org

Phone for legal help: 202 319-3053

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Sometimes One Person Really Can Change The World: Rene Jones


Sometimes One Person Really Can Change the World

Often we ask ourselves is it really possible for one person to create change in the world? On the Decider’s Renee’s guest is an example that some of us really can create positive changes in the world. She is Rene Jones, she’s the Founding Director and Global Head of Philanthropy at United Talent Agency, a global media, talent and literary agency.

She’s created programs inside UTA for employees to contribute to positive changes and she travels the world with celebrity clients interested in issues like disaster relief, gender equity and mentoring programs. She’s infused philanthropy into the culture of the company and with them, is an example of how corporations can help create positive change in the world.

Tune in as Renee Fraser finds out how Rene Jones, has become a leader in the international corporate social responsibility space.

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A New Foundation to Help Girls and Young Women: Shaun Robinson

You want to help improve the lives of girls and young women and help provide them with access to new opportunities but you aren’t a multi-millionaire, how can you help?

Our guest on The Deciders is Shaun Robinson, who spent 16 years as co-host and correspondent on Access Hollywood. She has created a foundation that partners with small and medium sized non-profits to help protect girls and young women by providing them with new opportunities.

The S.H.A.U.N. Foundation is an acronym of her name. The S stands for STEM, helping girls get involved in science and technology. The H stands for Health, not just healthy eating and exercise but the idea of helping girls understand how to set boundaries in relationships so they are safe. The A stands for Arts and how to help girls be involved in the arts. The U stands for Unity, helping girls advocate worldwide through programs like Girl Up as part of the U.N. and the N stands for Neighborhood and she has sponsored human trafficking panels across the country to help girls understand how human trafficking works and how to avoid dangerous situations.

Learn about the organizations she vets and funds on The Deciders with Renee Fraser, PhD. as she discusses the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation with founder Shaun Robinson.

Learn more about Shaun and the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation here:

A New Foundation to Help Girls and Young Women: Shaun Robinson2019-03-06T00:22:29+00:00

Hope For Families Struggling To Survive Homelessness: Jill Bauman and Jennifer Nickerson


Would it surprise you to know that 53,000 people in Los Angeles are homeless and one third of those are families and young adults? How can you personally make a difference in homelessness in LA? Our guest, Jill Bauman, tackles that reality daily as President and CEO of Imagine LA…an organization that is dedicated to ending the cycle of family homelessness and chronic poverty through providing a variety of services to help stabilize families.

According to Jill, homelessness is like the tip of the iceberg, there is so much under the surface. Families need many resources to help in the struggle to end their poverty. The magic of Imagine LA is in their volunteer mentors who work with families to build sustainable successes. One of the mentor partners is Jennifer Nickerson from City National Bank. They provide financial wellness information to help people by providing tools for budgeting and banking for people to succeed.

Tune in this Saturday, February 23rd at 5:30pm on KABC radio when Renee Fraser, PhD. explores the challenges of ending chronic poverty and homelessness one family at a time.

For more information:

FB Imagine LA
IG @imagine.la
TW @imaginela
LI @imagine-la

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They’re Always Ready to Help: Jarrett Barrios


If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer or get your company connected, here is a great option. From wildfires to flooding, if you or your community ever experience a disaster of any kind, the one team you want on your side is the American Red Cross. This fall they have been busy supplying disaster relief, but they also provide other services including disaster preparedness education, a program called sound the alarm that installs fire alarms in homes, veteran programs, and volunteer opportunities in communities across the city and around the world.

This week on The Deciders, our guest is Jarrett Barrios, the CEO of the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region.


Website: redcross.org/la

Twitter: @redcrossla

Instragram: redcrosssla

Facebook: American Red Cross Los Angeles Region

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Aspirational Investing: Joe Sanberg


How would you like a financial institution for banking and investments that has no fees but lets you decide what to pay them for their services? It’s an online service that helps you match you saving and spending with your values – where you can decide through their app how you want to spend your money. The online service is called Aspiration, and its’ co-founder is Joe Sanberg.

On The Deciders Renee Fraser talks to Joe Sanberg about his company, Aspiration, and how it delivers financial services that he says will empower people to match their money and investments with their values.

Connect with Joe



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