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What is the process of building an advertising campaign by the “Good Guys of Advertising” – Fraser Communications?

Today we talk to three key members of the Fraser team: Ilene Prince (Sr Vice President and Director of Client Services), Mollie Bauer (Director of Consumer Engagement), and Bruce Dundore (Creative Director).

Fraser Communications achieved 87% Awareness of the First 5 California, “Talk. Read. Sing.” Campaign. Of those, over 90% say they Talk, Read, and Sing to their children (5 and under) more because of the campaign. These campaigns are making a real difference to people’s lives. Research has shown that; for every dollar you invest early in childhood development, you can get up to eight dollars back, due to higher productivity, lower incarceration rates, lower teen pregnancy rates etc.

The team wanted parents and children to connect with the First 5 California song – so they created a memorable jingle – with the hope that it would be the children themselves who pushed the parents to read to them. Creating this connection with the children, was further deepened with the addition of creatures that personified each of the three pillars of the campaign. The Parrot for Talking, The Owl for Reading, and the Songbird for Singing. To make the advertisement even more memorable, the song was written by the songwriters from the first two Lego movies. Incredible, the writers even managed to include the URL in the song, which was pivotal in making the URL more memorable.

In the Talk Read Sing campaign, Fraser were charged with telling people about brain science – specifically the fact that the brain is developing at an early age, and that you develop about 90% of the physical brain by age 5 (80%-85% by age 3). Because the brain is developing at such a fast rate when they are young, parents and caregivers should Talk. Read. Sing to them. Focus Groups gave initial feedback that they understood the brain science, but they just wanted to know what to do. Fraser took out the rational part, and still told the brain science – but after the Talk. Read. Sing. Clients often want to lead with the rational, but the team has learned to lead with the emotion that people can connect with, and then give them the rational facts that support it.

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