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How To Capture The World’s Largest Consumer Market | Bridget Brennan


A leading authority on the world’s most powerful consumers provides strategic advice about how to gain new customers by recognizing the world’s largest consumer market – Women. The secret to tapping into this market and how to win women’s business isn’t about excluding men it’s about excluding stereotypes and elevating the customer experience.

Author of Winning Her Business, Bridget Brennan discusses how women provide 80% of the buying power and influence that drive the consumer economy and provides suggestions about how businesses can tap into this enormous market.

For businesses to attract this enormous market, they need to upgrade the customer experience for women with a motivators’ framework. This includes connecting to female customers, inspiring them to buy from you, helping them feel confident in their decision, and making them feel appreciated and engaged.

Tune in to hear Renee Fraser explore how to upgrade the customer experience and tap into this growing international market on The Deciders with Bridget Brennan.

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