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The future of California depends on the potential of our children | Camille Maben


First 5 CALIFORNIA has been a leading advocate for children in California for over 20 years. Camille Maben (Executive Director of First 5 California) shares the history of how tobacco taxes fund improvements in education quality for pre-schools daycare centers and community organizations taking care of our precious future CALIFORNIA leaders.

As a leader in advocating for parents, teachers and CBO’s focused on families of children 0-5, First 5 CA has informed the state’s leaders on policies and programs that help kids flourish. Governor Newsom has shown a remarkable commitment to early education – listen and find out what that means for your family.

Fraser developed the Talk. Read. Sing. Campaign for First 5 CA in 2014. It is a nationally known, award winning program, that has educated patents and actively engaged them in activities that improve children’s brains. Beyond this campaign, First 5 have distributed 5 million kits for new parents – providing helpful information and resources regarding the well-being of newborns. In addition, the program runs a traveling public education and outreach exhibit called ‘First 5 Express’. This exhibit travels around every county in the state throughout the year, providing opportunities for in-person engagement and education.

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