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Sometimes One Person Really Can Change The World: Rene Jones


Sometimes One Person Really Can Change the World

Often we ask ourselves is it really possible for one person to create change in the world? On the Decider’s Renee’s guest is an example that some of us really can create positive changes in the world. She is Rene Jones, she’s the Founding Director and Global Head of Philanthropy at United Talent Agency, a global media, talent and literary agency.

She’s created programs inside UTA for employees to contribute to positive changes and she travels the world with celebrity clients interested in issues like disaster relief, gender equity and mentoring programs. She’s infused philanthropy into the culture of the company and with them, is an example of how corporations can help create positive change in the world.

Tune in as Renee Fraser finds out how Rene Jones, has become a leader in the international corporate social responsibility space.

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