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Some Women Just Keep Creating New Businesses | Renee Claire Bertrand


Do you ever wonder what it takes to build a successful business not just once but several times?

It takes not only a vision and determination but finding and partnering with people who can help execute the vision. That’s what Renee Claire Bertrand says was one of the keys to her success as the founder of Bedhead Pajamas, a company that for 20 years created, manufactured and sold high end pajamas. Renee had a vision to retire at 60 and sold the company. She also sold the building she bought to house the company, and buying that building she says is the smartest thing she ever did…it has allowed her to ride off into the sunset, so to speak…

But instead of retirement, Renee bought an art deco building near USC and is renovating it into an art gallery and a rental fashion studio space. She also bought 100 acre’s in Mendocino where she’s creating an organic farm.

Renee Fraser will explore how her experience of 20 years as head of Bedhead Pajamas led to new business ventures, this week on The Deciders.

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