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A Call to Men in the Face of Kavanaugh: Ted Bunch


Sexual assault and violence against women will only end if men decide it will… that’s coming from Ted Bunch, a man who is dedicated to educating men old and young about respecting women. Ted says we lose three women a day to violence and 75% of these women experience the violence after they have already left the relationship. Listen as Ted talks to Renee about A Call To Men and their new program called ‘Live Respect’.

To learn more about A Call To Men visit www.acalltomen.org

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A Call to Men: Ted Bunch


Ted Bunch is the co-founder of the international organization, ‘A Call To Men’. Ted’s organization has been working for 20 years to educate men all over the world on how to have healthy respectful relationships. A Call To Men is a violence prevention organization that seeks to educate men on issues of male socialization and its intersection with violence against women, sexual assault and harassment, bullying and gender-based violence. Listen as Renee Fraser, Ph.D. interviews Ted Bunch on this episode of The Deciders.

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