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Investing in Yourself: Nadia Allaudin


What better gift than investing in yourself? This is one of many goals of Women, Wealth and Wisdom, a conference founded 12 years ago by Nadia Allaudin to bring women together to share stories and encourage taking risks, especially about money and investing. Nadia is a wealth advisor who encourages women to follow their instincts and was named Investment News’ 20 Women to Watch in 2018. On The Deciders, Nadia offers suggestions to help women become comfortable and confident investors.

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What Millennials are Teaching Leaders: Susan Inouye


What would change if everyone, especially your millennial employees showed up each day feeling valued and excited about contributing their gifts to the success of the organization? Renee Fraser, PhD interviews Executive Coach Susan Inouye about her amazing successes bringing Sawubona (Zulu for “I see you”) Leadership, now in over 30 countries, into the corporate world as documented in her best-selling book, “Leaderships Perfect Storm: What Millennials Are Teaching Us About Possibilities, Passion, and Purpose.”

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Gender in Media: Madeline Di Noono


Children watch films and television while it shapes their view of what’s possible in the world. That’s why the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media is determined to have more women represented in all forms of media, both in front of and behind the cameras. At the moment, males outnumber females in screen time two to one. Listen in as Madeline Di Noono, CEO of the Geena Davis Institute talks to Renee Fraser, Ph.D. about how to increase women in media.

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Senate Bill 826 and Women on Boards: Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire


It takes years to change history. It took California’s Senate Bill 826 seven years to become an overnight success! Hear from Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire who spearheaded the newly passed bill, the first in the nation to require public companies to include women on their boards, that opens doors for 684 women.

This Wednesday, November 15, in the sold out Dorthy Chandler Pavillion, Betsy and Renee celebrate this and other accomplishments at the seventh annual 2020 Women On Boards Luncheon.

To learn more about 2020 Women on Boards visit www.2020WOB.com

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Women & Cars: Scotty Reiss


One thing women don’t like shopping for is cars… according to Scotty Reiss the founder of A Girls Guide 2 Cars, women don’t like haggling over price and don’t feel dealerships make shopping easy or fun. Despite this, 85% of car purchases are influenced by women and that’s why Scotty, journalist and blogger, decided to focus on women and cars.

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New Laws Protecting Women & Girls: Betsy Butler


How has the #MeToo movement influenced new laws for women in California? This week on The Deciders, Renee Fraser, Ph. D. is joined by Betsy Butler the Executive Director of the California Women’s Law Center. Together they uncover how new laws address the loopholes that allowed producers, directors, lobbyists and politicians to avoid responsibility and more.

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Being a Social Media Influencer: Dena Amy & Kyla Herbes


Renee Fraser, Ph.D. interviews two social media influencers on their journey and how they work with brands.

Dena Amy started as a child star and has built her career from a plethora of creative talent including acting, singing, dancing, and DJing. She is often the only female featured in the common theme of male DJ lineups. Despite this, she is truly making the industry see her as a DJ with more to offer than just a pretty face. She’s a DJ that wears pants because it’s all about authenticity for her.

From ad agency creative director to social media influencer, Kyla Herbes of houseofhipstersblog (Instagram) and ihavethisthingwithpink (Instagram) says it all started as a hobby. Several years ago, Kyla took her passion for home décor online and learned about social media through trial and error. Today her followers see her as a trusted source for design ideas.

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Social Media Strategy: Melissa Miller


Melissa Miller, Social Media Strategist and consultant to Fraser Communications shares her tips and tricks for working in the constantly changing space of influencers and platforms galore.

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Tips for Small Business Owners: Maria Contretas-Sweet


Renee Fraser, Ph.D. talks to Maria Contreras-Sweet, a woman who has a long list of professional business accomplishments including head of the U.S. Small Business Administration under President Obama and the California Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing. Maria also founded and served as the executive chairwoman of ProAmérica Bank, a commercial bank focusing on small to mid-sized businesses with a specialty in the Latino community.

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Funding Female Founders: Gloria Hwang and Sabena Suri


Renee Fraser, Ph.D. interviews fellow female founders Gloria Hwang and Sabena Suri who are participating in the Women Founders Network 2018 Fast Pitch Competition. Gloria is on a mission to make bike helmets that people actually want to wear, and Sabena is part of an e-commerce gifting company that promises a brand-new gifting experience. Listen to hear how they are navigating the entrepreneurship world and the race to win funding for their companies.

The Fast Pitch event will be held on October 16 and Renee Fraser, Ph.D. will be one of the judges. For more information about the Women Founders Network and their events supporting women entrepreneurs visit: www.womenfoundersnetwork.com

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