How can a doctor get addicted to opioids? | Travis Rieder

//How can a doctor get addicted to opioids? | Travis Rieder


Following a horrific motorcycle accident, requiring six surgeries – Travis Rieder found himself stuck in the loop of opioid use. Travis subsequently wrote a book titled ‘In Pain’, detailing his experience as a patient being prescribed opioids, as well as research into why it’s so difficult to escape the cycle of opioid use.

On this episode of the Deciders, Travis discusses how many physicians didn’t see it as their job to help people get off the medication they prescribed. “We are comfortable getting people onto them, but not comfortable managing them over the long term, and then getting patients off of them”

Amazingly, the average number of hours spent in medical school on pain medication is less than 10. Many medical schools don’t require any pain classes at all, but as soon as you become a physician, you get an unrestricted PDA license and you can prescribe very dangerous/risky opioids. Among physicians, there is actually very little understanding of pharmacology.


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