How To Access Free Legal Help At #TIMESUP: Sharyn Tejani

/, TIMESUP/How To Access Free Legal Help At #TIMESUP: Sharyn Tejani

If you’ve been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace you know how tough it is to report that experience or to fight it legally. But #TIMESUP is the initiative that connects people who have experienced workplace sexual harassment with legal and media assistance.

The Time’s Up Legal Defense fund has $24 million dollars for legal defense, especially for low wage workers who face many obstacles including retaliation for fighting sexual harassment.

On this episode of The Deciders with Renee Fraser, Ph.D., Renee finds out how the fund works and how you can access legal help as she speaks with the Director of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, Sharyn Tejani. Sharyn is an expert on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Website for the National Women’s Law Center:

To initiate contact with a funded lawyer:

If you have questions email

Phone for legal help: 202 319-3053