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Business Expertise

Renee Fraser, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Fraser Communications

Host, The Deciders, KABC 790AM

  • A full service communications company that seeks to change behaviors, grow brands and positively impact society

  • Creative, digital, social, experiential, media, PR, research, and analytics

Allen Adamson

Co-Founder, Metaforce

  • Author, Shift Ahead: How the best stay relevant in a fast changing world

Senate Bill 826 and Women on Boards | Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire

Betsy Berhemer-Credaire

CEO, 2020 Women On Boards

CEO & Co-Founder, Berkhemer Clayton Retained Executive Search

Catherine Geanuracos Chief Executive Officer at CityGrows

Catherine Geanuracos

Co-Founder & CEO, CityGrows

  • The first self-service cloud platform for local government services and permits

Cathy Kirkpatrick, CFO & Rob Savage, CEO

360 Group International

Chelsie Lee Co-Founder & CEO at Shipsi

Chelsie Lee

Co-Founder & CEO, Shipsi

  • Provides online shoppers with the option to receive goods within the hour

Investing in Women Entrepreneurs | Darya Allen-Attar

Darya Allen-Attar

CEO, Women Founders Network

  • Women Founders Network (WFN) is a group that funds and connects women entrepreneurs to help them to succeed

  • WFN runs an annual fast pitch competition for women run startups to receive funding

Being a Social Media Influencer: Dena Amy

Dena Amy

Actress, Singer, Dancer, & DJ

Funding Female Founders: Gloria Hwang

Gloria Hwang

Founder & CEO, Thousand

Kalika Yap

CEO, Citrus Studios

Being a Social Media Influencer: Kyla Herbes

Kyla Herbes

Freelance Graphic Designer & Pinterest Influencer

Lucie Barron: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lucie Barron

President & Founder, Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Marsha Firestone

President, Founder, Women’s Presidents Organization

Rachelle Snyder Co-Founder at Coozie Gear

Rachelle Snyder

Co-Founder & CEO, Coozie Gear

  • An ecommerce company that allows you to book premium outdoor gear with free delivery and pickup

Rana Lustyan Cultivating Happiness One Bite at a Time as Founder & CEO of Edoughble Cookie Dough

Rana Lustyan

Founder & CEO, Edoughble

Funding Female Founders: Sabena Suri

Sabena Suri

Co-Founder & CSO, BoxFox

Schenae Rourke

President, LA Chapter, National Association of Women Business Owners

  • Strategies for growing businesses, and how to take business risks

Community Engagement

Elise Buik

CEO, United Way of Greater Los Angeles

  • Creating pathways out of poverty in LA County by organizing communities and people to help end homelessness

The Fulfillment Fund

The Fulfillment Fund

Empowering Youth Through Education

  • Dedicated to helping students succeed and to making college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under resourced communities

Jordan Brooks: Helping Women Take Action on The Deciders with Renee Fraser, Ph.D. Fraser Communications

Jordan Brooks

Managing Director, The United State of Women

Stephanie Klasky-Gamer: It Takes a Village to Solve the Homeless Problems in LA

Stephanie Klasky-Gamer

CEO, LA Family Housing

  • Helps people transition out of homelessness through housing and support services

Youth Mentoring Connection

Buried in our roots are the seeds of our gifts

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Amy Oppenheimer: Workplace Investigations

Amy Oppenheimer

Founder, Association of Workplace Investigators

  • The Association of Workplace Investigators promote and enhance the quality of impartial workplace sexual harassment investigations

Claire Cain Miller: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Claire Cain Miller

Journalist & Co-Author of We Asked 615 Men About How They Conduct Themselves at Work, The New York Times

Gloria Allred: Speaking Truth to Power

Gloria Allred

Lawyer, Legal Defense for Women

  • Famed lawyer for women whose clients include women wining court cases against Bill Cosby and women alleging harassment from USC University doctor

Gretchen Carlson: Being Fierce and Workplace Sexual Harassment

Gretchen Carlson

Successfully sued Fox News for workplace sexual harassment

Lisa Bloom: Sexual Harassment and Revenge Porn Laws

Lisa Bloom

Founder & Owner, The Bloom Firm

  • Victims Rights Lawyer with successful cases against Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, and Steve Wynn

  • Contact The Bloom Firm for free and confidential legal case evaluation

  • 818 914-7397

  • 888 962-5666

Lisa Hickey

CEO, The Good Men Project

  • A website that creates conversations with men about what it means to be a good man in today’s society

  • Conversations about manhood and the changing roles of men

  • Seven Tips to help men speak out in support of #MeToo

Maya Raghu: Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund

Maya Raghu

Lawyer, Legal Defense for Women

Ted Bunch: A Call to Men

Ted Bunch

Co-Founder, A Call to Men

  • Proven strategies to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

  • A violence prevention organization that educates men on issues of male socialization and how to have healthy relationships with women

  • Focus’ on sexual assault and harassment, bullying and gender-based violence