The Opioid Epidemic | Dr Gary Tsai

//The Opioid Epidemic | Dr Gary Tsai

We have all heard about the ‘Opioid Epidemic’, but you may be surprised by the scope of the issue: Astonishingly, almost 6 out of 10 prescriptions written by health care providers are for opioids.

Thankfully, in recent years – medical practitioners, and local government have taken steps to attempt to alleviate some of the problems associated with the over prescription, and abuse of opioids.  Critically, people can now get help with addiction treatment, via MAT (medications for addiction treatment) – that improves the likelihood people can stop using opioids for chronic pain.

The Department of Public Health chose Fraser Communications to create and implement a fully integrated awareness campaign, throughout LA county – consisting of digital, social, radio, TV and outdoor promotions.

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If you, or anybody you know are struggling with opioid use, you can get more information at: 

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